External Link: http://blog.udot.utah.gov/2014/06/auto-generated-summary-sheets/
Year Published: 2014
Publisher: Utah Department of Transportation

"For each roadway preservation or rehabilitation project, UDOT designers fill out a summary sheet that provides a tally of measurements and material quantities needed for the project.

"The Auto Report Generator is simple to use, and works along with the Linear Bench tool, both accessible on the UDOT Data Portal. Step-by-step instructions are available with the form. Once produced, the summary sheet shows:

• Pavement type, surface area and material amounts for granular borrow and base course. The pavement type generated in the report is specific to the region, since climate differences around the state call for different pavement types.
• Barrier in the project area, including location, total feet, and post type, all sorted into standard and non-standard types to show any areas in need of full replacement.
• Signs, including location, sign type, size and any damage present during data collection.
• Pavement marking type, paint amounts, messages, and rumble strips or grooved-in paint."

-Taken from the website

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