External Link: http://floridatransportationplan.com/pdf/FDOT_FTP-SIS_VisionElement.pdf
Year Published: 2015
Publisher: Florida Department of Transportation

"The Florida Transportation Plan (FTP) is the single overarching plan guiding Florida’s transportation future. It is a plan for all of Florida created by, and providing
direction to, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and all organizations that are involved in planning and managing Florida’s transportation system,
including statewide, regional, and local partners. A primary emphasis of the Florida Transportation Plan implementation is Florida’s Strategic Intermodal System
(SIS), the high-priority network of transportation facilities critical to Florida’s economic competitiveness and quality of life.

"The Florida Transportation Plan is made up of three elements: the Vision Element (this document), the Policy Element, and the Implementation Element. The
Vision Element describes the vision for Florida’s transportation system over the next 50 years, based on input from state, regional, and local partners and the
public through a state summit, the 35-member FTP-SIS Steering Committee, five regional workshops, local partner meetings, and online comment forms."
-Taken from the introduction

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