External Link: https://itd.idaho.gov/highways/research/archived/reports/RP198%20-%20Final%20LRS%20Report%20with%20ITD%20Cover.pdf
Year Published: 2009
Publisher: Idaho Department of Transportation and Cambridge Systematics

"For over 30 years, the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) has had an LRS called MACS (MilePoint And Coded Segment), which is being implemented on a mainframe using a COBOL/CICS platform. As ITD began embracing newer technologies and moving toward a more client-server based computing environment, it is becoming increasingly burdensome to access MACS. Initial studies have been conducted to review the needs for a new LRS system, including an LRS Needs and Recommendations Study in 2006. The scope of this research task (BP – 198) is to review the findings from the 2006 LRS study, and reevaluate the agency’s needs for LRS and the extent to which commercially available LRS systems or the LRS systems being used for other states will satisfy these needs. Based on the review findings, strategies are proposed and recommendation is made regarding how ITD can incrementally move to a GIS-enabled LRS system and what would be the cost and benefit implications."
-Taken from abstract

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