External Link: http://www.metrogis.org/getmedia/61cfce67-2f56-4095-980b-42bd4c257f1f/MRCC-First-Build-Charter-2015_08_03.pdf.aspx
Year Published: 2015
Publisher: Metro Regional Centerline Collaborative

"The Hennepin County GIS Office will continue coordinating the efforts of the seven metro counties to create the enhanced metro-wide road centerline dataset and design the maintenance of it. This dataset will be shared freely and openly without licensure to the general public. The new road centerline dataset will fulfill the need of the counties to have access to an accurate, multi-purposed road centerline dataset at no cost. This dataset will be used for multiple purposes which may include:
• Vehicle routing
• Address geocoding
• NG911 call routing (ECRF)
• NG9-1-1 Location Validation (LVF)
• Emergency services dispatching
• Linear referencing
• Cartography
• Provide agencies access to authoritative road data outside of their local jurisdictions"
-Taken from page one

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