External Link: https://www.oregon.gov/geo/standards/Road%20Centerline%20Data%20Standard,%20v6.0.pdf
Year Published: 2014
Publisher: Oregon Department of Transportation

"Under the direction of the Oregon Geographic Information Council (OGIC), the Oregon Framework Implementation Team has delegated the development of a Transportation Framework Implementation Plan and a prototype Transportation Data Standard to the Framework Implementation Team Transportation Subcommittee (T-FIT). The Transportation Framework is a collection of prioritized, spatially referenced digital representations of broadly defined transportation feature sets for Oregon. The Transportation Framework Theme currently comprises (in no particular order): bridges, cable car & chairlifts, culverts, railroads, address ranges, roads (FTSeg), traffic analysis zones, trails, transportation structures, heliports, light houses, military operations, navigation hazards, paved areas (airports), runways, and air traffic navigation beacons (Very-high Omnidirectional Range (VOR) devices)."
-Taken from the introduction

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