External Link: http://www.mdot.maryland.gov/Office_of_Planning_and_Capital_Programming/Maryland_Transportation_Plan/Documents/MTP_Roundtable_Workshop_Presentation_Final.pdf
Year Published: 2013
Publisher: Maryland Department of Transportation

This presentation about the Maryland Transportation Plan (MTP) for 2035 is Maryland's 20 year vision for transportation in the state. It is a refreshed version of the MTP from 2009. The framework on the plan, as established on slide 3 is:

"Refresh current MTP strategic
• Refine MTP goals & objectives
to support vision/mission
• Use performance measures to
t k rac progress
• Develop quantitative, strategy‐
based ‘scenarios’ to examine
how policy choices choices affect
achievement of goals &
• Develop a long‐range
transportation plan by January
2014 that will guide
transportation investments and
help to benchmark benchmark progress progress"

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