External Link: http://downloads.transportation.org/ANewWayToTalkAboutTransportation/NewLanguageofMobility.pdf
Year Published: 2011
Publisher: American Association of Highway and Transportation Officials

"This report is the second volume of a two-part study (NCHRP 20-24(62)A) that considered three
recent transportation revenue increases and analyzed the strategies and messages that led to
their successes.

"In this volume, the Maslansky-Luntz team begins with messages that were used in the three
success stories and builds upon them in testing a variety of messages with focus groups of
“opinion influencers” in three U.S. cities. These listening sessions were then followed by a
session with a “Washington insiders” proxy group where a unique Instant Response Dial
technology was used to measure responses to a range of messages. "
-Taken from the preface

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