Component 06

Reporting and Communication


Reporting and Communication is the use of products, techniques, and processes to communicate performance information to different audiences for maximum impact. Reporting is an important element for increasing accountability and transparency to external stakeholders and for explaining internally how TPM is driving a data-driven approach to decision making. Read more…


Implementation Steps

Reporting and Communication is broken down into two subcomponents:

  • Internal: products, techniques, and processes used to communicate performance information to internal audiences.
  • External: products, techniques, and processes used to communicate performance information to customers, partner agencies, elected officials, and other stakeholders.

Making the Connection

Reporting and Communication (Component 06) is a critical link in the feedback loop connecting the Strategic Direction (Component 01), Target Setting (Component 02), the identification and evaluation of strategies during planning (Component 03) and programming (Component 04). Reporting is an output of the Monitoring and Adjustment process (Component 05).

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The Reporting and Communication chapter contains three sections:

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What it Takes

Well-crafted reports are vital tools for informing both internal and external audiences in TPM. They provide an opportunity to connect agency goals to strategies to outcomes achieved. Reports should build context and continuity, operating as standalone pieces but be relevant over time. Often it is helpful to report past performance before communicating new information. Reporting should be:

  • tailored to the audience,
  • linked to funding,
  • telling a story

Internal reporting targets a wide variety of individuals, from the Board of Directors to maintenance staff. It can be used to motivate employees and remind them how their actions contribute to performance results; establish a feedback loop to adjust measures, targets, and strategies; and recognize achievements.

External reporting should be used to explain TPM processes to external stakeholders in plain language, make the case for funding by increasing transparency and accountability, and provide greater context around results that may not be immediately clear.